The Art of Inner Listening

A professional Development Series for Mental Health Providers – April – November, 2019

Inner listening is the discipline of tuning into the wisdom of one’s soul. Soul wisdom cannot be seen, felt, or heard with the senses.  Soul wisdom cannot be measured, verified, or reliably replicated.  Rather it is a subtle nudge arriving in moments of grace on the wings of mystery.  While not completely predictable, with practice and discipline the capacity for inner listening can be nurtured and developed.

Connecting with one’s soul wisdom through the art of inner listening empowers us to work in a more centered, compassionate, and Spirit supported way.  With this new capacity, we can invite our clients to embrace a process of inner listening thus discovering their own inner wisdom.  In this soul infused space we create the opportunity for our clients to heal – body, mind, energy, and soul.  Maybe even more profoundly, this soul infused space is the medicine our souls need to sustain the difficult work of being a healer.

If you are longing to deepen or revitalize your practice, this professional development series is for you.  With a cohort of like-minded professionals you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your capacity for deeper more soul based worked. We will begin by learning how to work effectively with energy by setting intention and managing sacred space.  We will then learn the components of the human bioenergy field (meridians, chakras, and aura) and ways to work with these to support clients’ mental health.  With these foundational skills we will delve into energetic and soul based interventions that can be integrated into your practice if you so choose.

           Throughout the series, the ethical issues surrounding the application of soul based work will be discussed and explored.  Additionally, special attention will be paid to working with clients who are survivors of abuse. Finally, you will grow your capacity to be a healer and to work with more difficult and complex situations.

The structured, face-to-face learning happens one morning a month for 8 months in South Minneapolis.  There will be articles to read and skills to practice in between the monthly sessions.  The cost is $100 per month. For additional information, feel free to contact me via email  Click here to access the application and more detailed information