Medicine for the Soul in the Wake of Abuse

August 1 – 4, 2019

Healing the impact of abuse, trauma, and violence is work that shamans have done for centuries.  Shamans help individuals who experience abuse or survive traumatic events by recovering lost soul parts, releasing energies that became lodged in their energy field during or after the experience of trauma, and clearing ancestral or soul lineages that carry trauma imprints.  Shamans help communities that have endured traumatic experiences by holding ceremonies to restore harmony and by transforming generational trauma.  Modern shamanic practitioners join this long legacy of healing work on behalf of those who have experienced abuse and trauma. However one of the challenges that contemporary shamanic practitioners can have is translating ancient techniques to the realities of modern practice.  This can be especially true when working with clients who have a history of childhood abuse.     

Current psychological research asserts that the experience of childhood abuse, or complex trauma, is a qualitatively different experience than many other forms of trauma. The application of this research has led to an understanding within our health care systems that we must modify traditional treatment approaches when working with clients who have experienced childhood abuse.  I believe that modern shamanic practice must also accept the challenge of working toward trauma sensitive practice.  In particular, traditional shamanic interventions – soul retrieval, spirit release, and/or curse unraveling – often need to be modified to address the particular and unique dynamics that arise when a client has experienced childhood abuse.    Integrating psychological research on complex trauma into shamanic practice can deepen the healing.  It also allows for a more graceful and fluid process for our clients who are survivors of abuse and for ourselves when working with these clients.

This training will deepen practitioners’ understanding of the impact of childhood abuse; explore the modifications to traditional shamanic practice that are helpful and appropriate for clients who are survivors; and teach a healing technique that allows practitioners to work at the intersections of the client’s soul, psyche, energy field, and physical body.

This is an advanced shamanic training.  It is recommended that participants have experience with soul retrievals; some type of spirit release work (e.g. psychopomp, compassionate depossession or something similar); and curse unraveling or past life ancestor work.  Participants must be able to hold a clear and solid container in the presence of difficult or heavy energy.  Topics covered in this training include:

  • The normal and healthy process of human development
  • Application of a four-dimensional (mind-body-energy-spirit) approach to healing for survivors of abuse
  • The dynamics of psychological, energetic, and soul fragmentation that occur as a result of childhood abuse
  • The human bio-energy field and how it can be integrated into shamanic practice
  • Somatoenergetic Imprint Release – a healing technique that integrates the use of sacred stones from the Peruvian shamanic tradition and Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing
  • Modifications to the process of soul retrieval, curse unraveling, and spirit release to be applied when working with clients who are survivors of childhood abuse
  • Individual constellations that deepen work with survivors
  • Personal initiation work to deepen your healing capacity

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