Jean Chagnon, PhD, LP Nov. 16-19, 2017

SHAMANIC PRACTICE is very well positioned to offer profound healing for individuals who experience trauma for several reasons.  First, shamanism has a cosmology, or way of understanding the world, steeped in how one’s soul is affected – positively or negatively – by life experiences.  Second this cosmology supports ancient healing techniques that can be used to help individuals heal from experiences that negatively impact the development of the soul (e.g. the experience of abuse).  However one of the challenges that contemporary shamanic practitioners can have is translating ancient techniques to the realities of modern practice.  This can be especially true when working with clients who have a history of childhood abuse.

Current psychological research confirms that the experience of childhood abuse is a qualitatively different experience than trauma experienced later in life.  The application of this research has led to an understanding that our approach to treating trauma and post-traumatic stress must be modified in particular ways when dealing with the experience of childhood abuse. This is true for mental health and medical professionals as well as for shamanic practitioners.  Thus, traditional shamanic interventions - soul retrieval, curse unraveling, and/or compassionate depossession – often need to be modified to address the particular and unique dynamics that arise when a client has experienced childhood abuse. 

This training will deepen practitioners’ understanding of the impact of childhood abuse, explore the modifications to traditional shamanic practice that are helpful and appropriate for clients who are survivors, and teach healing techniques that will allow practitioners to work at the intersection of soul and somatoenergetic healing.

This is an advanced shamanic training.  Participants must have background in soul retrieval, curse unraveling, and compassionate depossession.  Participants must also be able to hold a clear and solid container in the presence of difficult or heavy energy.  Topics covered in this training include:


If you have questions please contact Cindy O’Connor at  Deadline for application is October 2, 2017.


JEAN CHAGNON is an integrative practitioner who combines training in psychology, somatoenergetics, and shamanism to create a holistic approach to healing for survivors of abuse.  Jean’s doctoral training in counseling psychology serves as her original professional foundation.  However, it immediately became clear to Jean that traditional talk therapy often falls short of offering the holistic healing environment that many survivors need.  In response, Jean pursued training in Reiki and Rosen Method Bodywork, as well as independent study on the Human Bio-energy field and academic study in Spiritual Direction.  Collectively this training allowed Jean to integrate body-based energy practice (somatoenergetics) and spirituality into her therapy work, creating a more holistic mind/body/spirit healing experience for her clients.

More recently Jean has studied shamanic practice.  She has training in medicine for the earth, healing with spiritual light, extraction, soul retrieval, curse unraveling, and compassionate depossession.  Jean was a member of Betsy Bergstom’s first Compassionate Depossession Teacher Training Cohort and is certified to teach Compassionate Depossession and Curse Unraveling.  She has recently completed an advanced Earthtender Apprenticeship, with Ana Larramendi, in which she was initiated as a Misa carrier and learned other powerful healing techniques.  Finally, Jean is currently pursuing Systems Constellation Facilitators Training with Francesca Mason Boring.  Jean’s study of shamanic practice has profoundly transformed her way of being with clients, the container in which she works, and the interventions that she uses with clients.

Jean currently owns and operates Anamaura, a small business dedicated to helping mental health providers, shamanic practitioners, and energy healers work more integratively with clients who are survivors of abuse.  Jean also continues to work with individual clients who are survivors of abuse integrating the depth and breadth of her training in psychology, somatoenergetics, and shamanism.  Jean’s first book, The Art of Inner Listening:  Medicine for the Soul in the Wake of Abuse, was published in April 2016.  It outlines the foundation for and application of a four dimensional (mind-body-energy-spirit) approach to healing for survivors of abuse.