I offer presentations on a broad range of topics including:

Professional Development

Developing the capacity for effective, ethical psychotherapy with survivors that is integrated, multidimensional, and soul-led does not happen in a daylong workshop. For those interested in learning this type of work, a professional development series that meets one day a month, for 7 months (Sept – Nov & Jan – April) is forming for fall 2016. Please contact me if you are interested in joining this training.

I also offer weekend trainings for shamanic practitioners which offer information about the psychological aspects of abuse and discuss how common shamanic interventions – soul retrieval, compassionate depossession, curse unraveling, and extraction – can be modified when working with survivors of abuse.


I also offer consultation to support other practitioners in the work that they do. Advanced shamanic techniques - compassionate depossession, soul retrieval, curse unraveling - require extensive training and initiatory experiences. As an initiated shamanic practitioner, I can offer these advanced services to clients as part of their healing work with other providers. Shamanic practice affords the opportunity to structure rituals and ceremonies to assist clients in marking significant transitions in their life. One such example might be the use of a Fire Ceremony to help a client release energetic and spiritual energy held in a particular job, person, or relationship. I can work with individuals or groups to support the creation of healing rituals or ceremonies. Finally, I offer consultation to practitioners who are seeking to deepen the integrative aspect of their practice.