The Art of Inner Listening

Deepening Energetic and Spiritual Resources

The work of being a change agent is, in the best of times, a difficult and challenging calling.  Currently, amid a global pandemic and international reckoning around race relations, this calling can be even more demanding. Consequently, we can become energetically and spiritually depleted.  When depleted our work can feel out-of-sync, we can take on others suffering, and/or we might begin to question our commitment to do the work.  This 8 month professional development workshop will support change agents of all types – therapists, ministers, health care workers, constellation facilitators, activists, energy workers, and others – in developing practical, usable skills for managing the energetic and spiritual dimensions of being a change agent.  

As part of the series, you will learn disciplines and practices for maintaining strong energy boundaries; how to create, hold, and clear sacred space; meditations to deepen your presence without taking on suffering; and the use of ritual for self-care.  You will also be introduced to several Spiritual and Ancestral Allies who can support the work you do.  Finally, while this workshop is focused on medicine for your soul, much of what you learn can be taught and used with individuals, clients, and groups that you might work with.

The structured, learning happens one Thursday morning a month (9 am – noon) for 8 months (dates listed below).  Through 2020 we will convene using Zoom.  If the pandemic shifts enough by 2021 we will convene in person, at my office in South Minneapolis, during 2021.  The energy exchange for this seminar is $100 per month.

Because this workshop will be an ongoing cohort of learners, a small application (link below) is required in order to attend.

Click here for a draft outline of topics, the exact dates, and the application.  Also feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.  You may also want to peruse my website – – to learn more about my training, my philosophy, and me.