Humanity is at a crossroads in the evolution of our collective life together. The constricting energies of disconnection and separation are bubbling to the surface fueling nationalism, oppression, and supremacy. At the same time, people everywhere are working to escort a different way of Being into the world. This way of Being comes from Ancient Wisdom and is grounded in a relational, compassionate, inclusive, and regenerative worldview. This Ancient Wisdom invites each of us to take our place in the global community connected to our True Self, in relationship to those around us, and honoring the unique Medicine of the Natural world.


I support people in connecting more fully with Ancient Wisdom, living in alignment with their True Self, and restoring right relationship to the Natural World.  I do by helping people learn new skills; supporting the clearing and releasing of unprocessed personal and ancestral trauma; restoring vital life force; and renewing connections to Spiritual resources.  I invite you to join me in finding your True Self.  Our world is in need of every person’s unique slice of radiance.  We are in need of your True Self.