Constellation work is a powerful modality that supports healing through the exploration of relationship dynamics within and between a wide variety of systems. Fundamental to the implementation of constellations is the belief that all systems – families, communities, forests, companies – have a field of energy that interpenetrates and surrounds the system.  This field of energy holds the collective memory of that community and has an innate drive for wholeness, flow, and inclusion.

Through a process called representation we can tap into this systemic field and the individual aspects of the system within that field whether that is family members, organizational departments, or parts of a landscape.  Once we have a “representative” for the individual aspects of the system we can uncover places where energy is stuck and in turn offer movement or healing statements that increase the flow of energy.

A constellation is intended to support a variety of goals including: reconnecting with the wisdom and resources of our ancestors; setting down generational traumas that we are not meant to carry; and/or making room for those who have been excluded.  All of these goals in turn increase the flow of love and connection within the system.