Education and Training

I bring a breadth of educational experiences to my work as a healer.  I have studied in the academy, learned from body work practitioners, participated in formal shamanic classes, and pursued self-study.

Formal Academic Education

BS, Computer Engineering
MA, Education
MA, PhD, Counseling Psychology
Graduate Course work in Business and Theology

Somatoenergetic Training

Level 1 Rosen Method Bodywork
Level I and Level II Reiki Method Healing
Extensive self-study on the human energy matrix

Structured Shamanic Training

850 hours of formal training in shamanic cosmology and shamanic healing practices including:

Celtic Shamanism (4 part series)
Introduction to Shamanic Practice (1 year)
Soul Retrieval (1 week)
Soul Retrieval Intensive (long weekend)
Curse and Thoughtform Unraveling (1 week)
Spirit Release/Compassionate Depossession (2 weeks)
Compassionate Depossession Teacher Training (14 months)
Earthtenders Apprenticeship (2 years)
Healing Mesa Pilgrimage in Peru (2 weeks)

Shamanic Teachers

The Spirits have been my greatest teachers and while there are too many to name, I want to acknowledge several that have gifted me with their power and guidance.

Lake Superior
The Mighty Mississippi
Apu Ausangate

I have had the good grace to study with many talented and innovative real world teachers.  These include:

Jaime Meyer
Mary Stoffel
Betsy Bergstrom
Ana Larramendi
Amy Nicolson
Adolpho Tito Condori
Ayllu Kanchaq Qoyllur