Everybody needs something different on his or her healing journey.  Likewise the gifts and graces of my Spirit Team are not a good fit for everybody.  As such, most often if you are interested in individual healing with me we would begin with discernment.  The discernment is a 3-step process.

The first step is a 30-minute phone call in which I gather some general information about what leads you to seek individual healing and some general family history.  After this phone conversation, I then do a journey where I check-in with my Spirit Team.  In this journey I am asking a number of questions as part of the discernment.

  1. Does working with me support your highest and truest good?
  2. Is our work together in alignment with the work Spirit is asking me to do?
  3. What work does my Spirit Team show me that needs to be done?

After the discernment journey, we have a second phone conversation in which I share with you the results of my conversation with my Spirit Team.

Sometimes my Spirit Team offers a very straightforward piece of work – a soul retrieval, an extraction, or simple curse or contract unwinding.  If this fits with what you are looking for, I will offer that work in the second phone call.  More often than not, I am shown several steps in the healing process.  In this circumstance I outline those steps and we agree on a plan moving forward.  The energy exchange in the first circumstance (a simple piece of work manageably done in the second phone call) is $150.00 USD.  The energy exchange for the more typical scenario – more extensive work – is $110.00 USD.  I accept check or Paypal and ask for payment between the first and second phone call.  If the work that my Spirit Team suggests aligns with what you are hoping to receive we can schedule additional sessions after the discernment process.