The Art of Authentic Living
An Introduction to the Shamanic Way of Life

Living a more authentic life – living more fully aligned with our True Self – can be challenging in the fast paced modern world.  Contemporary shamanic practice supports us in living more authentically by inviting us to reshape our relationship with the world, our community, and our self.  In particular shamanic practice invites us to deepen our sense of connection with all of life, restore relationships with Spirit Allies, and release what inhibits or blocks us from living in alignment with our True Self.

During this 8-part series, we will delve into some of the core tools of a shamanic way of life – being centered, sovereign, grounded and aligned; building relationships with Spirit allies; the use of ritual or ceremony; and working with ancestors.  This series moves more deeply into the topics covered in the Art of Inner Listening class and involves more personal healing work.  While the Art of Inner Listening is a nice introduction, it is not required for this series.  Throughout all of our learning strong emphasis will be placed on the role of impeccability in the shamanic way of life.

The class meets one Saturday a month, from 9 – 3, for 8 months (dates listed in application, link below) in south Minneapolis (exact address provided on acceptance).  If when August arrives it is not safe to meet in person, we will move the 2021 classes to a zoom format. In addition to the investment of class time, your learning will be profoundly deepened to the extent that you are able to practice and implement the skills and disciplines learned in the class.  As such, I encourage you to consider investing 30 minutes at least once or twice a week, outside of class, to practice the skills learned in class.  The energy exchange for the full series is $1200.  One can pay in full at the beginning or monthly.

Because this workshop will be an ongoing cohort of learners, a small application is required in order to attend.  Space is limited.  Apply Early.

Click here for the full flyer including class dates and application.