Exploring on Your Own

Sometimes the best place to start on the journey to living more authentically is to explore, on your own and at your own pace, what others offer.  While you are exploring, pay attention to what resonates with your heart and soul.  Then ask yourself if there is something in what resonates that is worth exploring more deeply.  In turn this deeper exploration might take you further down the path toward finding your authentic self.  Here are several guided meditations to support your self-exploration.  I also maintain a blog in which I share ideas and practices related to living a more authentic life.  You can subscribe to my blog or visit when you want.

Guided Meditations

One way to begin our journey toward more authentic living is to add the discipline of a daily meditation.  Here are three guided meditations for you to explore and potentially incorporate into your daily routine.

The first one is about 15 minutes long and guides you through visualizations to help clear and strengthen your chakra system.  This meditation is adapted from a meditation I learned from one of my teachers – Ana Larramendi.


The second meditation is about 23 minutes long.  It moves through visualizations that support you in being more centered and grounded before offering a shorter version of the chakra meditation.  It finishes with visualizations to support sovereignty and alignment.  This would be a good meditation to do after the first one and if you are wanting to expand the practices that you have.


The final guided meditation was recorded around the Spring Equinox so the first part is time specific.  This meditation does not include the chakra clearing and does have visualizations for being more centered, sovereign, grounded, and aligned.  It finishes with a visualization to send light and love to a person, place, or situation in the world.