The Art of Inner Listening
Deepening Energetic and Spiritual Resources

Humanity is at a crossroads in the evolution of our collective life together. Unresolved traumas and wounds are fueling disconnection, separation, and insecurity. At the same time, people everywhere are feeling the pull toward a different once known but currently lost way of Being.  This ancient way of Being is relational, compassionate, inclusive, and regenerative. It invites each of us to take our place in the global community aligned with our True Self, in right relationship with those around us, and honoring the unique Medicine of the Natural world. If you are already reconnected to this Ancient Wisdom or are longing to move toward that, living in our current culture can be very challenging.  This 8-part class will support you in aligning more deeply with your True Self and developing resources to support you in being an envoy for this Ancient Wisdom in our world.

As part of the series, you will learn disciplines and practices for centering and non-judgmental presence; maintaining strong energetic boundaries through sovereignty; grounding more fully into life on earth, and aligning with your True Self.  You will also learn how to create, hold, and clear sacred space; how to use ritual to support your continued growth; and how to deepen your connection to ancestors.  Finally, you will meet and begin to develop relationships with Spiritual Allies who can support the work you do. 

The structured, learning happens one Tuesday evening a month (4 – 7 PM) for 8 months (dates listed below). If the pandemic has abated enough for us to gather safely in person, we will have our monthly group meeting at my office in South Minneapolis.  If this does not feel safe, we will convene using Zoom. Please be aware, it is also helpful to make time in between our class meetings to practice the meditations and exercises learned in class. The energy exchange for this seminar is $100 per month. For additional information, contact me via email You can also peruse my website – – to learn more about my training, my philosophy, and me. 

Because this workshop will be an ongoing cohort of learners, a small application is required in order to attend.  Space is limited.  Apply Early.

Click here for the full flyer including class dates and application.