Classes and Trainings

Often, our learning is deepened within a community of like-minded seekers.  As such I offer several classes aimed at building skills in the core disciplines of being centered, sovereign, grounded, and aligned.  These classes include didactic instruction, experiential learning, and shared group processing.  The Art of Inner Listening is an 8 part series that builds the skills necessary to better manage the energetic and spiritual world that surrounds us.  The Art of Authentic Living, also an 8 part series, is a deeper dive into the teachings from the Art of Inner Listening.  In this class, we integrate deeper individual healing work.  This allows participants to uncover and release old patterns and blocks that inhibit the path toward authenticity.

I also periodically offer trainings aimed at practitioners who are seeking to learn more about working with Complex Trauma and Moral Injury.  Check-out what classes I might be offering on the Trainings page.