Being centered is a process of being fully present, mindful, and intentional.  Full presence requires the discipline of observing our inner and outer life without judgment or attachment.  Sovereignty is the divine right we each have to be the drivers of our own ship, the one in charge of our life. Our sovereignty can be impacted by unresolved ancestral trauma, energetic and emotional projections, and loss of personal power. Finally, as contemporary people we are often disconnected from the gifts and graces of our physical body and the resources and blessings of Mother Earth. Embodiment or being grounded supports us in connecting deeply to our own body and the greater body of Mother Earth.  Once we are more fully centered, sovereign, and grounded we can more fully align with our True Self.

The discipline of living an authentic life, in alignment with our True Self, is a life long process of moving ever more deeply into grounded embodiment while expanding ever more fully into the totality of our fullness as Luminous Beings each one of us holding a unique slice of Divine Radiance.  This ongoing process is fluid, dynamic, and unique for every person.  Further, one can step onto the path toward more authentic living at different places.  Maybe you are just beginning to explore what living more authentically might mean.  Or you might be looking to build some new skills within a small community of like-minded individuals and a class would feel like a good place to begin. Or maybe you feel the need for some individual, personalized support.   Wherever you enter the path toward more authentic living, the work I offer is shaped by a commitment to build the capacity for being centered, sovereign, grounded, and aligned.