Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is grounded in the belief that many of life’s difficulties result from a lack of harmony – either internally or between oneself and one’s community (e.g. family, culture, the environment).  This disharmony can be caused by unwanted energy intrusions, soul fragmentation, past life contracts, and/or unresolved imprints all of which diminish or disconnect us from our essential life force.  When we are disconnected from our life force or our life force is diminished we cannot access information about our unique life purpose.  In turn we struggle to lead a soul-directed life often feeling lost, depressed, overwhelmed, and out-of-sorts on many fronts.  Through interventions such as soul retrieval, extraction, curse/contract unravelling, Spirit release, and imprint clearing shamanic healing helps restore harmony by allowing us to remember our essential self.  Once we are reconnected to our essential self we have the tools and resources necessary to offer the world our unique gifts, whatever they may be.

Soul Retrieval

Within a shamanic worldview it is understood that we can loose portions of our soul during traumatic life events.  Experiences as diverse as car accidents, surgeries, difficult relationships, hate crimes, and childhood abuse can lead to the experience of soul loss.  A soul retrieval is the process by which a shamanic healer can retrieve a lost soul part on behalf of a client, thus helping to restore the client’s essential life force.


Our current western culture does not teach or support good energy hygiene leaving many of us vulnerable to energy intrusions.  Additionally the soul loss and fragmentation which happens as a result of abuse or trauma – childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, micro-aggressions, systemic oppression – leave people even more vulnerable to energy intrusions.  Shamanic healing can extract unwanted energy intrusions and also teach healthy energy hygiene.

Curse/Contract Unravelling

Often the word “curse” conjures up images of midieval times, witches, or dark energies.  Alternatively, in our modern times, it conjures images of Harry Potter.  Whatever the case, modern curses or contracts are the energetic component of deals we make, consciously or unconsciously, in an attempt to be safe or to keep other people safe.  A simple self sabotaging contract might be the decision of a young smart child to downplay his or her academic gifts so that siblings or parents are not threatened or jealous.  This “deal” will impact the individual for many years.  Shamanic healing provides an opportunity to undo these deals freeing us to live the life purpose we were intended to live in this life-time.

Spirit Release (Compassionate Depossession)

There are many experiences at the time of death that might inhibit a person’s soul from passing over to the Light.  When this happens, these “lost souls” are often looking for some life force and end up getting attached to a living human.  These lost souls can then overshadow their host human leaving the host feeling not like himself or herself.  Shamanic healing offers a compassionate way to escort lost souls to the Light thereby freeing the life force of the host for the work she or he is intended to do.

Ancestral Work

We are gaining a greater understanding of the way generational and cultural traumas – immigration, slavery, wars, etc. – can leave imprints that get passed down from generation to generation.  This transgenerational transmission can leave modern day individuals struggling with the burdens and baggage of their ancestors.  These burdens are often seen as imprints in one’s energy field.  These imprints can be cleared thus offering healing for the current client and their ancestors.

Somatoenergetic Imprint Clearing

Somatoenergetic Imprint Clearing (SEIC) seeks to support people in clearing trauma imprints across multiple dimensions – body, energy, and soul.  This healing work integrates our growing understanding of the way trauma is held in the body and supports clients in releasing the held trauma while also tracking the imprint on the energetic and soul level. This work can be intense and difficult.  As such it is often not the first intervention of choice and rather an intervention after one has done other work.