Integrative Healing

Integrative care is a buzz word in health care.  Most often, in this context integrative care means integrating behavior health care into a primary care setting with the goal of improving long-term health and ameliorating the significant health concerns (e.g. heart disease, depression, anxiety, etc.) that have both a physical and mental health component.  However, what I mean by integrative healing is actually a process that integrates two or more discrete modalities into a single whole.  Integrative healing addresses health concerns by simultaneously addressing the multiplicity of dimensions on which health issues can manifest.

While few of us can become experts in multiple disciplines, all of us can understand the intersectionality between our body, mind, energy field, and soul.  With this understanding we can view client issues from a more integrative or wholistic perspective.  This different vantage point also supports the introduction of interventions that help shift and heal on the energetic and soul level. It also supports an understanding of when it might be helpful to refer a client to an energy worker or shamanic practitioner.  Such a referral would allow the client to access deeper healing at the energetic or soul level to augment work that might be more fully focused on the psychological and emotional dimensions of healing.